Nice ass with a pretty face

ebony jasmine Nice ass with a pretty face
jasmine blowjob Nice ass with a pretty face
jasmine solo Nice ass with a pretty face

Ok, I know that I said before that we’re gonna be all about big asses and all but bare with me this time. I know that the babe in the above pictures isn’t really packing that much junk in her trunk, but the reason why I posted her is not because of her ass… Well, Ok, half of it was because of her ass, or rather because she was like flaunting her ass most of the time. But again, the main reason why I posted her was because I thought that guys wouldn’t mind moving away from all the asses for awhile and start to appreciate the other stuff that the honey’s have to offer.

Like their pretty faces for example, just what this particular girl has, again from the above pictures. Doesn’t she look so fine? She almost has that Beyonce look going for her, don’t you agree? C’mon fellas, I know pretty much that eventhough she’s not packin’ that much that you’d hit on her tail, wouldn’t you? No brother in his right mind would ever pass up a cootie like her. ;~)

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